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NEW CAPITAL<01062> - Group Reorganisation

Market participants are requested to note that the Scheme relating 
to the reorganisation proposals of ING Beijing Investment 
Company Limited ("ING BEIJING") will become effective on 
Wednesday, 13/04/2005, the listing of which will be withdrawn with 
effect from the close of business on Tuesday, 12/04/2005.  
Dealings in the ordinary shares of HKD 0.01 of New Capital 
International Investment Limited ("NEW CAPITAL") will commence at 
9:30 a.m. today (13/04/2005) under the following 

Stock Code      Stock Short Name        Board Lot
----------      ----------------        ---------
1062            NEW CAPITAL             10,000 shares

Please also note that the "previous closing price" as indicated in the 
price page of the shares of NEW CAPITAL is quoted from that of ING BEIJING
and is for reference only.